Justin Bieber has filed a harassment complaint against one of the paparazzi who chased him down an L.A. freeway Friday, stating the guy was a maniac on the road and put several lives in jeopardy.

A CHP officer dropped by Justin's music video shoot downtown Friday and according to law enforcement sources , the officer was there to take Justin's statement after Justin filed the complaint.

According to reports,  Justin originally reached out to police following Friday's high speed chase because the photog in question had been extremely aggressive on the road- much worse than the other photogs.

It has to be noted that the highway chase reached speeds exceeding 100mph with some paparazzi even riding the shoulder to keep up with Bieber.

Cops eventually stopped Justin, 18, citing him for speeding and reportedly that's when Bieber filed the complaint, giving police the offending pap's license plate number.

It has to be mentioned that the pap in question was ironically at Bieber's music video shoot this afternoon when the CHP officer dropped by snapping away.

According to reports, cops took the pap's statement too and are now investigating him for harassment.

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