Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announced their divorce in late June, but it seems that Katie was preparing many things for months. To be more specific, Katie has even fired Tom's daughter, Isabella Cruise, from her clothing company.

A source close to the family reveals that Bella worked for Katie's Holmes and Yang line and was suddenly terminated for no reason.

"There was never any trouble between them," the source told "The Hollywood Reporter".

"Bella called Katie "Mom." She was fired out of the blue, and once Katie filed for divorce, it all made sense. This was a carefully planned ambush. Katie didn’t want Bella working for her anymore because she was Tom’s kid."

It has to be mentioned that Katie and Tom settled their divorce on Monday and their six-year-old daughter, Suri, will continue to live with Katie in New York City while Tom will have generous visitation rights.

"Katie insisted that Suri's nanny and bodyguards always accompany her when she visits Tom. Katie did this for several reasons; this will ensure a smooth and easy transition for Suri when she is with Tom," a source close to the situation claims.

"Suri is Katie's number one priority. Tom only has Scientologists that work for him and Katie insisted that her staff will always be with their daughter. Under terms of the settlement, Suri isn't permitted to be exposed to anything Scientology related and this includes going to any Scientology churches, parties, etc. Katie made sure that this was ironclad in the agreement."

Former Scientology exec, Karen De La Carriere, told "The Hollywood Reporter" that Katie's move to fire Bella was courageous and called the entire divorce an "ambush."

"This was a very bold move on Katie’s part, but at the same time she knows these are different times and she has more support," Karen quoted as saying.

"Katie ambushed Tom Cruise and in so doing outwitted some of the most controlling people on Earth"
Karen added.

It appears that Katie wanted so badly to get rid of Tom Cruise and his family as well as cut all the ties with Scientology.  What do you think?

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