Kristen Stewart called her fling with Rupert Sanders a "momentary indiscretion" but now relatives of Sanders have revealed that the couple were dating for months.

To be more specific, Sanders' brother-in-law, Leopold Ross, has stated he believes Kristen and Rupert became involved with each other while they were filming "Snow White" and the "Huntsman".

Model Liberty Ross' brother told of how his sister made "sacrifices" for Rupert and that she was unhappy in their marriage for a while.

Speaking to "People", Leopold told that Kristen's affair with the Sanders, 41, started during the second half of filming for the blockbuster movie, he explained: "It was from the last half of filming and all through post-production, clear into last week".

Leopold, who is a musician also talked about the fact his sisters willingness to move to Hollywood to give Sanders' career a chance had been thrown back in her face.

He claimed: "She made some sacrifices for something she thought was worth it, now she knows, right? Five minutes from her home. Doubt it was worth it but it’s life".

He added: "It might actually make things better in the long run. She wasn’t that happy for a while, but our family is close, she’ll be all right".

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