Debbie Harry knows exactly what she wants when it comes to plastic surgery procedures.

Debbie Harry, 67, has openly admitted to having plastic surgery and claims that she did a lot of research after making the decision to go under the surgeon's knife.

"I was careful about who I went with. I looked around, I interviewed. For me, it wasn’t just a madness. That does happen, panic sets in, and people make bad decisions. But not me, I did my homework," Debbie was quoted as saying.

"There were places I went to that were really scary and I ran out" Debbie revealed.

Debbie insists that even if she weren’t famous, she would have had plastic surgery and loves her results.

"I think I’d been very depressed about myself, I might not have done it. But it gave me a certain encouragement and satisfaction," Debbie stated.

"Women just have a more rigorous time physically than men. It’s a challenge," Debbie explained.

In fact, Debbie Harry revealed to having undergone a facelift, however, she is now suspected of also having undergone a browlift, Botox injections, eyelid surgery, and possibly an additional facelift. These surgery procedures leave Harry without wrinkles or sagging skin, even around the eyes. On the various surgeries Debbie stated: "Yeah, I had a facelift years ago. Why not? It gives you all the things you need to be part of the action. I don’t feel like hiding myself away." Also, Debbie reveals her plastic surgeries were for "business reasons": "Everybody knows that I’ve had plastic surgery. I did it for business reasons. You photograph better, and looks are a key part of being an entertainer, so I felt it was something I had to do. All sorts of horrific things happen in life - why make it worse by worrying about getting older? Do some charity work, or learn a new skill instead."

The question is: What plastic surgeon experts think of Harry's plastic surgery?

According to Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer "The most important detail in deciding to have cosmetic surgery is in choosing your plastic surgeon.  It is important to find a qualified plastic surgeon, one that has plenty of experience in the procedure you are interested in, and that you feel comfortable and safe with that surgeon.  Debbie Harry looks great. The results are natural looking and not too overdone. The most important thing is that she is happy with the results."

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer claims: "Debbie Harry looks great. When compared to earlier photos, she appears to have had several procedures. Her clean jawline, absence of previous jowls and tight neckline suggest surgical intervention such as facelift. Her lips have marked definition and fullness along the vermilion border suggesting filler injection such as Juvederm or Restylane. Her upper lids appear hollowed out which presumably is from her previous suspected upper blepharoplasty. Finally, her smooth forehead and acutely arched brows are likely from Botox Cosmetic or endoscopic brow lift."

Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California, states: "It seems like since we last saw Debbie, she’s undergone a brow lift and possible a revision blepharoplasty. If you look closely, you’ll notice that her forehead is longer than it was in the past and her upper eyelid crease is higher than it previously was. With time, you’d expect the opposite to occur - sagging of these areas, which isn’t what we see in recent snapshots."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrel J Aston was quoted as saying: "Debbie Harry has been open about many aspects of her life including her beliefs on plastic surgery. She has candidly admitted to several procedures already and I believe she has undergone yet another. Debbie’s bone structure and skin quality have always set her apart as a great beauty. At the age of 67 she is setting new standards for aging gracefully. She is modern and sexy without looking overly taut or plastic. She has single handily changed the definition of a senior citizen and I think she is a role model for other women."

Judging by the results of her plastic surgery, it appears that Debbie must have had an excellent plastic surgery recovery. 

Now it looks like Debbie is continuing with her plastic surgery regimen, as she seems firmer than ever, which is likely due to her continued use of facial fillers as well as a possible revision blepharoplasty.

It is more than obvious that Debbie’s plastic surgeon is possessed of remarkable skill because Debbie looks amazing at her age, but not overdone like many of her celebrity peers.

Conclusion: Plastic surgery has undeniably proved to be a wise business decision as Blondie continues to tour to the joy of fans.

What do you think of Debbie Harry's plastic surgery?

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