Deena Cortese, 25, has been a topic of headlines lately, as people insist that she is following in the footsteps of "Jersey Shore" castmate J-Woww. Deena denies the plastic surgery rumors via twitter:

"Just to let ya know..I have not got any plastic surgery..yes in the past i have had a nose job…i have thought about getting it redone to round the tip but haven’t yet..and don’t know if I am..I am not afraid to ADMIT i got plastic surgery so if I do.. I’ll let u know". 

The truth is that Deena used to have a fuller face, but in March was photographed out and about looking not only thinner but like her face had been molded by a surgeon

"I am not afraid to ADMIT I got plastic surgery. I thinned my eyebrows..and lost weight thanks to the @freshdiet .. and learned how to do my makeup..lighter eye shadow brings out my eyes..and highlight under my eyes gives an effect of higher cheek bones.. the end " Deena added.

It has to be noted that Cortese has never hesitated to discuss about her previous experiences with plastic surgery.

"I actually had a nose job," she previously told Page Six also adding that to people who get plastic surgery she claims: "more power to you!"

Cortese once opened up about her health routine, which has undeniably made an impact on her new appearance.

"I've just been watching my carbs and running...I definitely have lost weight since last season," Cortese once revealed to celebrity website Hollywood Life.

The question is: Do you think that Deena Cortese had a nose job again or anything more?

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