Kris Jenner may have met up with an old flame behind Bruce Jenner's back on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," but Kris insists that her husband has absolutely nothing to worry about.

Jenner stopped by "The Talk" in August and discussed about her recent encounter with Todd Waterman - the man she admitted to cheating on first husband Robert Kardashian with in her memoir. Bruce (reasonably) seemed none too pleased about the encounter in the July 22 episode ("What an idiot you are!" he seethed at his wife. "I don't know how I can trust you!"), but Kris states that Waterman is a complete non-threat to her husband.

"(Bruce) has got an extremely crazy amount of patience but he's also so secure in himself - he's completely secure in his relationship with me." Jenner revealed to the ladies of "The Talk."

"What I think is so interesting is, when I broke up with Todd, the boyfriend, Bruce came into my life, like, three weeks later, so Bruce was in the tail-end of the whole realtionship and knows all about it," Jenner was quoted as saying. "So when he shows up again, Bruce is like: "Oh, God, not him again. He was laughing, like "please.""

It has to be noted that Kris and Bruce married in April 1991, just a month after the divorce docs were finalized in her split from Robert Kardashian.

Though Kris claimed her divorce from Kardashian after 13 years of marriage was "the biggest regret in (her) life at the time," it put her in a prime position to offer daughter Kim advice when her marriage to Kris Humphries ended after 72 days.

"I said to her, you're the one living your own life, you have to be truthful to yourself - you have to live your truth, so do what you need to do, whatever the reason is - everyone will one day understand. Be true to yourself and just be happy," Kris claimed, to the audience's applause. "People go "Oh, the wedding was fake." What was fake would have been for her to stay where she was and not be true to herself. It was harder for her to break up than it would have been to stay.

What do you think of Kris Jenner's decision to meet up with her old flame behind Bruce Jenner's back? Do you think that Bruce will file for divorce if she continues to see Waterman?

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