Miley Cyrus and Ashton Kutcher may have suddenly found themselves in bed together lately. But there's no big scandal brewing because it was strictly professional.  

Cyrus, 19, who wrapped up Hannah Montana a year and a half ago, comes back to TV next month in a guest role on "Two and a Half Men", playing the daughter of a pal of Kutcher's.

It seems like they'll have at least one bedroom scene, although their real-life significant others - Liam Hemsworth and Mila Kunis - don't have to worry.

The plot reportedly isn't terribly romantic. It turns out that Cyrus mostly just makes Kutcher, 34, feel old. 

It has to be mentioned that Cyrus, who will appear in the October 17 episode of the CBS sitcom, won't be the only guest star for season 10. Other cameos will include Brit Morgan from "True Blood" and the singer Michael Bolton. 

What do you think of Miley's appearance on " Two and a Half Men"?

Photo credit: Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.

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