Many Angelina Jolie fans wonder : "What is Angelina Jolie's weight?

Angelina Jolie's weight was between 125 and 130 pounds or between 56.5 and 59kg which seemed a healthy weight for her 5-foot-8 frame (1.73m). Angelina has now a dramatic weight loss and she is wasting away at less than 100 pounds (45.3 kg)

Angelina Jolie's measurements are

It has to be mentioned that Angelina Jolie has attributed her dramatic weight loss to her mother's death. She has told Grazia magazine in 2007 that her skinny frame wasn't because of an eating disorder, but because of the recent death of her mother, Marcheline Bertrand. "I have always been lean and this year I lost my mother and I've gone through a lot," Jolie was quoted as saying. "I want people to understand who I am as a person is not somebody that's trying to look thin, but just trying to work through a very difficult year," Angelina added.

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