It is obvious that Amanda Bynes didn't want to be seen!

Amanda Bynes was photographed covering her face while in the driver's seat on Thursday night in L.A.

It has to be noted that earlier this month, Bynes, 26, had her driver's license suspended. This week, she was ordered by a judge not to drive until she had a valid license.

Nevertheless, according to witnesses on Thursday night she was out in West Hollywood, where she headed to Equinox gym. While on the road, Bynes tapped another car with the bumper of her BMW 5-series while waiting at a red light.

The female driver in front of Bynes got out of her car, but the two never exchanged information.

According to paparazzi on the scene, Bynes, who has been charged with two counts of hit-and-run, was wearing dark glasses and tried to hide behind a blanket.

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