Patrick Ford may be Britney Spears’ #1 fan, but he didn’t make the greatest impression on Thursday’s "The X Factor."

Before he even walked out on stage, Ford was gushing to other contestants about his obsession with the Princess of Pop, even suggesting they looked so much alike, they could be siblings - only to later add that he wanted a "nice a** girlfriend named Britney Spears."

It has to be noted that the overeager cashier was ecstatic to see Spears, stating it was "like meeting God."

Unfortunately for Ford, the feelings were not mutual.

After Ford, 20, completely butchered her hit "Circus," a bewildered and disgusted Britney, who looked like she might vomit, could only muster a simple "no."


Needless to say that Ford was disappointed as well by the way things have turned out and found difficulty in leaving the stage. After he left the stage, the crew tried to talk to him and calm him down but he was very pissed off and left with his pals.

It was undeniably an epic fail. You don't have to be an expert to judge his perfomance...What do you think?

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