According to the National Enquirer: "Matthew McConaughey’s beautiful wife Camila Alves is terrified that her rail-thin hubby is going to die of a heart attack" and further alleges that McConaughey’s "starvation diet could be deadly."

According to the magazine, McConaughey "has embarked on an extreme diet for an upcoming movie role, dropping more than 30 pounds off his nearly 6-foot-frame."

According to the Enquirer’s medical "experts (who have never treated the movie star), the problem is that "losing weight too rapidly could have deadly consequences."

Alves, adds the magazine dramatically, is "deeply worried that Matthew has gone overboard for the role," and is "afraid it could be fatal."

Even"friends"of McConaughey are supposedly "warning" him to "think about his pregnant wife and kids before he goes too far," claims the Enquirer.

"Camila is begging him to stop," states the "source" for the tabloid. "She doesn’t want to be a single mom."

Once again, the Enquirer is starved for gossip...

While McConaughey has shed pounds to more accurately portray AIDS patient Ron Woodroof in "The Dallas Buyer’s Club", the notion that he is risking his life to do so is an extreme exaggeration.

A source close to
Matthew McConaughey is denying the Enquirer’s claims...

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