The Obama Campaign recently released their ideal version of the US flag.

You can buy your O-flag at the Obama Campaign website for $35.

If the image looks familiar it could be because the red stripes resemble the bloody Benghazi hand prints. The bloodstained walls at the US consulate revealed that the US officials were dragged to their death by terrorists.

The bloodstains at the main gate considered to be from one of the American staff members of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

The question is: Do you think that the Obama Campaign has desecrated the American flag or that they’re pushing a product that reminds Americans of the slaughter in Benghazi?

It is common knowledge that the US flag code claims that the American flag cannot be altered. Much to our surprise Obama has crossed the line this time and at least he owes an apology to American people...What do you think?

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