Sienna Miller is a beautiful English actress, model and fashion designer. She is best known for her roles in "Layer Cake", "Alfie", "Factory Girl", "The Edge of Love" and "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra". Needless to say that she has been dating many men in the past. Wanna know who dated Sienna? Let us examine Sienna Miller's dating history below...  

Orlando Bloom and Sienna Miller had a brief romance in 2001 and it was rumored that she was interested in him again after splitting up with Jude Law for the first time. However, nothing was ever confirmed the second time around.

November 2003 -  November 2006
Jude Law and Sienna Miller met on the set of "Alfie." They seem to be cozy on the set, but both deny the romance at first. They came out as a pair in February 2004 and Jude proposed to Sienna on Christmas day later that year. After dealing publicly with Jude’s cheating ways, the couple broke up.

2006 -  2008
Matthew Rhys and Sienna Miller met while filming "The Edge of Love". Their affair was the subject of quite some speculation, as reports circled that they had fallen for one another. Tabloids suggested that the two had an on and off relationship and that it often caused break ups in Sienna's life. While the rumors seem fairly plausible, neither side ever confirmed the affair.

Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller were linked for a few months in 2006, after they co-starred in the film "Factory Girl." They were seen flirting at Hollywood parties and were rumored to have hooked up on the set.

Sienna Miller and Jamie Burke had no hopes of keeping their relationship under wraps, especially after they engaged in some topless sunbathing together. The two were spotted kissing, and out to dinner several times before they split, reportedly because Jamie was jealous of Sienna's co-star, Matthew Rhys.

2007 -  2008
Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans, a Welsh actor, kept the love alive for awhile. While they often tried to avoid paparazzi attention and made serious efforts to deflect inquiries about their affair, news broke after they split that Sienna had dumped him over the phone.

Sienna Miller and Josh Hartnett went to Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont together and the rumors spread like wildfire. They were supposedly spotted getting dinner awhile later, but nothing ever came of the rumors.

2008 -  2009
Balthazar Getty and Sienna Miller created quite the stir when the two began trysting, mostly because Getty was still married at the time. The photos that surfaced showed a topless Sienna making out with Balthazar in Italy and the scandal was on. The two broke up a few times, unsuccessfully, before finally actually calling it quits.

December 2009 -  February 2011
Sienna Miller and Jude Law were spotted out together again in December 2009, after previously dating from 2003 to 2006. Alas, in February of 2011, they have once again separated. 

March 2011 -  Present
Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge began dating around March 2011. They announced their engagement and Sienna's pregnancy less than a year later.

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