Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr would  have probably hoped this ad stay overseas, but thanks to the power of the Internet, Kerr's hilarious new Lipton Limone ad is available from Japan for our viewing pleasure.

In the Japanese ads, Miranda, 28, dons a cute yellow waitress uniform and brandishes her Lipton Limone in front of a confused gentleman who seems to have rubbed his piece of cake all over his face and glasses. (What's the reason for that


There's also the guy who hands her the drink, who's dressed in a face-obscuring brown robe. There's a reason he's dressed that way...

And then comes the ultra-catchy jingle. 

We can't tell for sure if Kerr is actually singing the recorded version of the song, but in the behind-the-scenes video, she lets a few notes loose ...  

Kerr, who reportedly filmed the ad on a trip to Japan, now joins the elite club of celebrities quietly shilling foreign goods, which already includes Megan Fox's South Korean handbags, Jennifer Connelly's 80's Shiseido spots and hilariously, Jennifer Aniston's German ads for Heineken.

What do you think of Miranda Kerr's ad as well as the behind-the-scenes video?

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