Keeping the Nicki Minaj assault coming, the Queen Bee Lil' Kim has just put out a snippet for her "Ether" freestyle. Rapping over the Nas beat, Kim takes more shots at the Young Money mistress, spitting bars:

"Y'all been patiently waiting, it's time to finish all these fake imitiations/It hurts to have to kill something that you created/ now you can go to hell and impersonate Satan."

Check out below Lil Kim's "Freestyle" lyrics...

Uh-Ready to battle you
Lyrically f*ck you up
and rattle you
Bitch'll write sh*t for ya
And still spit sh*t harder than the average dude
what i'm saying is coming genuine is a must
but you're a opposed to that idea
so in a bit i'll have to sweep yo ass off like dust
It kind of puts me up in f*ckin rage
to see a bitch Nickel-less like Cage
But when you try to take my stage
you get turned like a page
Your fake sh*t dont amuse us
F*ck puttin five on it like The Luniz
Funk this bitch so hard have it smelling like tuna
I put three Gs on this bet
That my sh*t drop hard like the Valujet
Some of my hard flows will keep your niggas dick erect
The others i'm ghost writting for ya to keep your sh*t comming correct
I'm Scary like the f*ckin' Spice
Leave you steamed like a bowl of rice
Yeah my sh*t was nasty back in 96'
talked about my pussy and every n*ggas' dick
But it's 99 and yall bout to see what a real bitch is about
F*ck niggas they aint sh*t, now i'm about having clout
This is all straight from knowledge now peace mutha f*cka i'm out.

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