Supermodel Naomi Campbell rarely appears anything other than picture perfect 24/7.

But we were really shocked when Naomi, 42, enjoyed a holiday in Ibiza on August 2012.

With her hair pulled back in a ponytail, Naomi revealed her incredibly receding hairline, the result of her over-reliance on hair extensions and weaves for most of her modelling career.

The truth is that Naomi still looked in great shape in her patterned bikini, but all the attention was focused on her hairline, with her exposed scalp causing concern.

It has to be noted that this is not the first time Naomi has sparked concern with her receding hairline, with hair experts claiming she is suffering from traction alopecia - hair loss caused by the use of extensions.

Campbell, originally from Streatham, South London, has worn straight extensions over her naturally curly hair for a number of years.

Traction alopecia occurs when the extensions pull on the natural hair causing it to break, and usually affects the hairline just above the forehead or the sides, where the hair is weaker.

It can take between three months to a year for hair to grow back in moderate cases.

But if the pulling continues the hair will never grow back and the only option is a hair transplant.

Celebrities including Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears, Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian and Alexandra Burke reportedly suffer from traction alopecia as a result of hair extensions.

According to celebrity hair extensions expert Tatiana Karelina:  "The interesting thing to note is that traction alopecia doesn't progress like other hair diseases. At the initial stages it is reversible but prolonged tension may destroys the hair follicles and will not re-grow under any circumstances. It is unclear from the pictures if Naomi's condition is permanent but given the time that has passed since she was first spotted with this condition it is more than likely that the damage she has suffered is permanent."

Tatiana also added: "Hair extensions, when done properly, can give amazing results, but when done with no care for natural hair in some cases it can leave the follicles and your own hair damaged beyond repair. Heavy extensions can literally pull the follicles out over time, some glue extensions, tight weaves and elastic bands can create and enhance patches of baldness on the scalp. Putting glue in your hair is similar to putting gum in it. It's going to be hard to get out and even with the best removers some hairs will get pulled out leaving you with broken hair, damage and in some cases balding."

Karen Mitchell, hair extensions expert and owner of True Indian Hair, agrees with that assessment.

Naomi's case seems pretty severe. "At this stage it's probably permanent and irreversible," added Mitchell after studying the picture of Naomi with her tattered edges. "It looks like she waited too long to treat the issue and that her follicles are now totally damaged."

Conclusion: No doubt that Naomi Campbell's modeling career  stood the test of time, but it is clear that we can't say the same about her hair.

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