It's hard to beleive that Italian actress Ornella Muti is 57 years old. Ornella appears ageless! Many people reasonably wonder: "Did Ornella Muti have plastic surgery?"

Judging by the photos, it looks like Ornella Muti has given herself a second youth. New blonde hair and some touch ups  have made news for Muti and now over 50 she maintains a real enviable body!

Muti is rumored to have breast implants, nose job and of course Botox injections

There are many celebrity watchers who have slammed Muti for her awful breast implants, claiming her implants cause something called "breadloafing" (over-dissection of the tissues in the cleavage area).

Just in case you wonder what Ornella states about her supposed plastic surgery, the answer is that she denies all the plastic surgery rumors and insists that she is 100% natural!

We have to take into consideration though that from 1998 to 2008, Muti lived with an Italian plastic surgeon, Stefano Piccolo, who is 8 years her junior... The question is: " Did her plastic surgeon become her husband?" Many celebrities who are constantly on the spotlight would certainly take advantage of it!!!

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