Just in case you are curious about Betty White's marriages and what Betty jokes about her two divorces, you are in the right place!  

In 1945, White married Dick Barker, a U.S. Army Air Corps pilot. The marriage was short-lived. In 1947,  Betty married Lane Allen, a Hollywood agent. This marriage ended in divorce in 1949.

On June 14, 1963, White married television host and personality Allen Ludden, whom she had met on his game show "Password" as a celebrity guest in 1961 and her legal name was changed to "Betty White Ludden". He proposed to White at least twice before she accepted. The pair appeared together in an episode of "The Odd Couple" featuring Felix's and Oscar's appearance on Password. Ludden appeared as a guest panelist on "Match Game", with White sitting in the audience. (She was prompted to criticize one of Ludden's wrong answers on camera during an episode of "Match Game" '74). The two made an appearance on the "Match Game" panel in 1975.

Unfortunately, Allen Ludden passed away from stomach cancer on June 9, 1981, in Los Angeles. They had no children together, though she is stepmother to his three children from his first marriage. White has not remarried since Ludden's death.

Betty White stopped by "Piers Morgan Tonight" in April 2012 and joked about striking out with marriage twice before eventually finding happiness with husband #3, Allen Ludden.

"The first two were... rehearsals," White, 90,  made fun of her two short-lived marriages, which lasted less than three years combined. White would go on to enjoy "18 wonderful years" with Ludden, whom she was married to until his death in 1981.

The funny thing is that Betty also gave Morgan some perspective on why so many in her generation were quick to marry and went through multiple divorces... Wanna know why??

"Back in those days... you didn't sleep with a guy until you married him" White revealed.

When Piers suggested that "you didn't know how bad (a man) was in bed until you got married," White slyly replied: "You heard rumors."

It has to be noted that White has opened up about her marital record before. In May 2011, she told Newsweek that she felt like a "failure" after her two divorces, so much so that she turned down Ludden's marriage proposals for a year before finally agreeing to marry the "Password" host in 1963. "I kept saying no for a year," White recalled, "Finally, Easter came along. He sent me a white stuffed bunny with diamond earrings clipped to its ears and a card that said: "Please Say Yes?" So when I answered the phone that night, I didn’t say hello, I just said, "Yes.""

Betty White is absolutely adorable, isn't she?

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