Supermodel Karen Mulder, 42, is rumored to have a face lift and tons of cheek implants to give her face youthful fullness. Her nose was wider at the tip during her supermodel days, but  appears thinner now.

The truth is that Karen doesn't look awful but it's obvious that she has undergone some type of surgery. Karen's surgery is definitely better than most of the surgeries we have seen on some celebrities. She appears to be more wide-eyed now and has fuller cheeks, but not too overdone. Karen is still gorgeous.

We have to take into consideration that most women's faces fall dramatically after 37-38, and if they get fat (which shows up in the face) in their 30s or lose weight after children and sunbathe extensively, or drink too much, their skin is dehydrated and usually age prematurely. Then it's difficult to fix their faces because the skin's too old & inflexible.

The bad thing is that Karen Mulder was arrested in Paris in July 2009 after allegedly threatening to attack her plastic surgeon.

Sadly Karen was held at a police station in the French capital following "vicious telephone calls" directed at the female medic.

Mulder was thought to have asked for a previous operation to be reversed.

A detective claimed: "She was screaming and shouting about the operation and became extremely threatening.There were repeated calls to the female surgeon who was extremely scared. The suspect is being interviewed."

It has to be mentioned that the exact nature of the type of plastic surgery is reportedly unknown.

Conclusion: Despite Karen Mulder's surgery was a nice one, Mulder was obviously not pleased at all...

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