Just in case you wonder about Twiggy's measurements (real name: Lesley Hornby, now named: Lesley Lawson), check out below...  

Twiggy's measurements were:  81-58-81 cm (32AA-23-32).

As for her height, Twiggy was 1.69 metres (5 foot 6.5 inches). 

As for her weight, Twiggy was 41 kg (90 pounds).

Needless to say that in the past Twiggy barely had any breasts. She was anorexic-thin without being anorexic. As Twiggy reveals, she ate like a horse

It has to be mentioned that Twiggy never tried to be skinny. In fact, she didn't like being so slim and never followed any diet. Now that she is 63, she has put on weight and she is very excited!

What do you think of Twiggy's measurements?

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