1. He doesn't cook or shop or do anything. Not because he's a rock star, but because I wouldn't trust him. He can't even boil water. (about David Bowie)

2. Our grandparents' home had racial slander and cursing on the garage door, and on the vehicle.

3. I have not been in these tents or seen a fashion show live since 1989, when I stopped modeling... The only person who can get me back here is Naomi and definitely for Fashion for Relief.

4. All of you know the neighborhoods that harbor terrorists, the tribes that have terrorists and those that don't.

5. You find Latin girls who are as dark or darker than I am, so it wasn't about where they came from... I think people just like to celebrate their own beauty now rather than be put into a box.

6. I began back in the mid-70s when I started my career as a model and began seeing more similarities than differences among different ethnic groups. Let's face it: women of every race, nationality and background want the same thing - to look radiant and feel beautiful in their own skin. I wrote "The Beauty of Color" as visual tribute, celebration and insider information for women from diverse backgrounds. When I came to the US, the beauty message was "America celebrates the girl next door." Well, not only has the girl next door changed, the whole neighborhood has changed!

7. This country has really moved on to a more multicultural way of thinking... I just want to celebrate the women. Sure this is all about makeup, but it's also about some other things that are more deeply rooted. I just want to open a dialogue where we can talk about these things, where we can define our own beauty and approve of ourselves. We have to approve of ourselves before anyone else will. Women need to celebrate their God-given beauty instead of always trying to be something else.

8. We are not women of color. I am a woman with skin of color. I am not an ethnicity, but a skin tone. That's why my book covers everything from a blond and blue-eyed Brazilian to a woman from the Philippines who may be as dark as I am.

9. A self-esteem issue doesn't change whether you're considered beautiful or not because it's about what's inside you.

10. (It's a book that highlights) our natural, God-given features... I don't like making Asian eyes look bigger, or making black noses look smaller.

11. The craft fair is very popular because it provides shoppers with a variety of goods to choose from.

12. I wanted to do something other than just sign books... I thought that by doing makeovers I could make this more of an interactive thing. So I have makeup artists there and I do a little Q and A. I just want to make myself available. I want them to feel that I will treat them as well as I would any celebrity. Some people may not think it is my forte, but I am actually very approachable - unlike my photographs.

13. Nokia's (revenue) numbers on handset and infrastructure were lower than expected... Right now we think it's a battle between bearish fundamentals and valuation. Nokia shares are at a bottom, and with the news now out, the shares could rally.

14. The cinema will be a happy memory for the next couple of years. (On staying in to care for her new baby)

15. Every five minutes. I simply can't take my eyes off myself. Kidding! I would rather Google other people than Google myself.

16. David doesn't fight. He is English, so he just stays quiet. I'm the screamer. Then he always makes me laugh. It's like cabaret. I keep him entertained too. I still fancy him - totally! - after all these years.

17. My daughter likes to draw. She'll say to me: "I am doing a portrait, so you have to sit still." And then she'll say: "Oh my goodness, you have such a long neck. Weird!"

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